Osteopaths of Bentleigh enjoy treating people of all ages and backgrounds.

From pregnant women, children and babies to adults, athletes and seniors; Osteopathic treatment at Osteopaths of Bentleigh can be tailored to suit your needs.

Common conditions that Osteopaths Treat & can aid in the management of:

  • Acute and Chronic Neck and Lower Back Pain

  • Arthritic conditions

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Muscle and Tendon Injuries

  • Pregnancy or Post Pregnancy related pain (including Pelvic Girdle Pain and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction)

  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

  • Bursitis

  • TMJ (jaw) pain

  • Rotator Cuff Injuries

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Plantar Fasciitis and other Foot or Ankle Pain

  • Whiplash Injury

  • Sporting Injuries

Osteopathy is a hands on style of treatment.

Osteopaths of Bentleigh utilise the wide variety of Osteopathic Techniques available to them, dependent on the patient and their needs. These treatment techniques may include; Soft Tissue Massage, Muscle Stretching & Muscle Energy Technique, Gentle Joint Articulation and/or Manipulation, Positional Release and Intramuscular Dry Needling.

During a consultation, your Osteopath will also offer rehabilitation exercises, ergonomic advice, nutritional or lifestyle advice and incorporate the use of sports taping or kinesio taping when appropriate.

Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners.

Osteopaths are trained to perform standard examinations of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. They are trained to recognise conditions that require medical referral, working with other registered health professionals including GP’s, specialists and radiologists to provide the best care to their patients.